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Our Services

Design Fees:

We offer a one hour complimentary interview in Orange County, to assess Client needs, budget and explain Designer terms. Fees apply to other areas.

Designer works by Letter of Agreement (a contract) between the Client and Designer, defining the scope of Design Services, method of payment, terms and conditions.

Our fee is currently $195 per hour. A minimum retainer of $1000 is applied to work done for the Client. Flat rates are also available. Travel time is billed at $55 per hour. Discounts on home furnishings and certain products are extended to Clients if purchased through the Designer and from trade resources.


Fees include:

  • The creation of a space plan and vision in 3D rendering.

  • An entire remodel or overhaul of existing space.

  • Selection of kitchen cabinetry, appliances, flooring, lighting, finishes and fixtures.

  • Selection of bathroom flooring, tile, cabinetry, lighting, finishes and fixtures.

  • The furnishing & decoration of an entire space from start to finish.

  • Assistance in choosing new paint colors & color palette. 

  • Selection of custom window treatments & upholstery.

  • Selection of lighting, artwork, mirrors & accessories.

  • Selection of office furniture, cubicles, lighting, wall art and other items within the Client's guidelines.


Design Process:

The design process consists of four phases: the theme, the specification, the implementation, and the installation.

Relationships with responsible Architects, Builders, General Contractors help Liliblue Interior Design keep projects running smoothly and ensure positive results.

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